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   3# Metal Zipper
   4# Metal Zipper
   5# Metal Zipper
   8# 10# Metal
   3# 4# 5# Jeans
   Metal Zipper
¡¡Long Chain

Specification 3# 4# 5# 8# 10# Metal Zipper, Jeans Zipper
Teeth Material And Color Golden Brass/Anti-Brass Teeth
Oxid/Dark Anti-Nickel Brass Teeth
Nickel Plated/Anti-Silver Plated Brass Teeth
Nickel/Copper Brass Teeth
"Y" Type Brass Teeth
Aluminium Teeth
Kinds Of Standard C/E Metal Zipper
O/E Single Slider Metal Zipper
O/E Two Ways Double Sliders Metal Zipper
Long Chain Metal Zipper
Tape Color Any Colors Possible

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